Headcase is MADE by people like you, sharing their experiences and changing the face of something that affects almost everyone.

We are inviting submissions for features, blogs, interviews, columns, 60-Seconds-With pieces, podcasts, artwork, name it, we want to hear about it.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Decide what you'd like to contribute
  2. Read the specifications below, and send your lovely words to, marked 'BLOG', 'COLUMN' etc. 
  3. Wait to hear back from us. 
  4. Don't panic if you don't hear back straight away. Especially if you are prone to panic attacks. 
  5. Be a Headcase superstar.
  6. Here's what we are looking for: 

[NB: this is not an exhaustive list. We’re open to all ideas, so if you're an artist who wants to contribute a series of drawings, a poet, a musician, a professional in the field, someone who wants to work with the Headcase Team, or *COUGH* a potential sponsor or investor . . . please let us know.]

1.  60 Seconds With. 
This is a lovely part of Headcase, which quickly and simply highlights some of the MANY mental health issues millions of us live with. A quick-fire column answering a short list of questions about your experiences of any aspect of mental health, eg anxiety, self confidence, depression, addiction, bipolar disorder etc.
What it was. How it started. Whether you knew what it was or what to do. What helped. Etc

To take part, please see the list of Qs below, copy and paste into a document and send your answers to us at marked '60 Seconds With'.
Don't forget to attach a photo - doesn't have to be your face. An arty farty Insta snap of your shoes, taken on a phone and filtered to hell, will do just as well.
But a headshot ideally, as we're all about changing the FACE of mental health. 

2. The Me You Don't See. 
This is a beautiful, short and really important part of Headcase – it’s about making people aware that what you SEE isn't always what the person is really feeling.
And thus making people stop and think more about people, be more empathetic and be ready to be a little kinder to those around them.
Format: Approx 400 words.written in two ‘parts’
Part one:
This is me. This is who I am and what I do. This is what people see of me, and think of me. The impression I give. How people would describe me to others.
Part two:
Underneath it…THIS is what I’m really feeling. What I’m thinking, wanting, doing, that you can’t see.

It can be about every day life or a particular event (a job interview, a date, a parent-teacher evening, etc),
or the job you do eg working in retail and having to talk to customers, teaching, working in a busy office, or working from home and having to give a particular ‘face’ through emails etc, while feeling the opposite etc)
If you can include your AGE that would help, only because it's important to show that this can affect anyone, at any stage of life."

3. A guest post. 
Approx 600-800 words. If you get carried away and it's super long, don't worry - we can make it into a feature. Your story. Your experience. Whether you had the mental health issue, or live with someone who does/did. If you’re a carer, a sufferer, if you want to write about health anxiety or the stress of social media, fear of mental health, student life, how you felt on being given a diagnosis…ANYTHING.
These are the stories that will shape Headcase and touch a lot of people. 

4.  A regular column. 
A series of short (approx, 400-word) pieces telling your story, or with a common theme, or style. Like a diary, or any regular column you’d read in a newspaper or magazine. Don’t be scared of writing a column! We can help you through how to structure it, keep it flowing etc. 
These columns will keep Headcase visitors coming back to see how the story develops, or because they love your style or 'voice', and could even lead to….bigger things, books, movie deals, lunch with Jake Gyllenhaal etc. You never know. We are always optimistic here at Headcase, and we have excellent connections in publishing and the media. Just not Jake's number. Yet. 

It sounds like a lot….but broken into chunks it’s manageable.

Just submit ONE COMPLETE column, and a bullet-point list of the next 5 so we can see how it would flow.

5. The Moment That Changed Me.  
We love the idea of that ONE moment, one person, a place, a song, a thing, that turned you around at a point where you were really struggling with mental health issues. The thing that changed your life, and started you on an upward path.
This column brings people back together with that person, or that place, moment, song etc.

The point of this column is to illustrate really beautifully, what one moment can do. To make people believe that that moment is there for us all – and also that we can give it to others who might need it. To keep our eyes and ears open, and reach out to someone who needs it. 



A note on style/content, having been asked about it by several contributors:

Don’t think of Headcase as a ‘mental health website’. We’re changing all that, and doing something DIFFERENT! 

You wanna swear?? SWEAR! (We do at Headcase HQ, all the f**king time.)
You want to be funny? BE FUNNY.
You want to be sad? BE SAD.


Think of it like any cool, edgy, frank, lovely-to-look-at mag you read, it’s just that the content is about things that affect our minds.
Let’s blast mental health out of brey/brown/beige and into SUPERFUCKINGAMAZING.
Because we all are.



  • Name, age, occupation.
  • Mood today?
  • Wine, coffee or green smoothie?
  • 3 vices.
  • 3 virtues
  • What’s the best thing anyone has ever said to you?
  • If you weren’t a ***, what would you be?

Style Notes: 

  • Each interview needs a photoIdeally, showing your face, as Headcase is all about changing the face of mental health.
  • HOWEVER, if you really don’t want that, then that’s OK. A cool shot of your hands, shoes, body from waist to chin etc would be fine. Think Instagram, not a dull, boring ‘head-shot’. Heacase is waaaaaay nicer than that. 
  • Using iPhone etc is fine
  • Please shoot level with the ground
  • Please email it attached to the interview as a jpeg, marked ’60 seconds photo + NAME’
  • Colour is fine, as we will put it through a filter to make them all the same.
  1. What’s in your Headcase? (i.e. what is the mental health issue you have suffered with)
  2. When did you first notice things might not be quite….’right’.
  3. What were the symptoms/what happened?
  4. How did you feel? i.e. worried, scared, confused, in denial etc
  5. Do you know why it started?
  6. Did you know what it was, or what to do?
  7. How long did you wait before telling anyone? 
  8. Who did you talk to? 
  9. What help did you get?
  10. What happened then? 
  11. How are you now?
  12. What was the moment you remember things changed for the better? 
  13. Who helped you the most? 
  14. What is the best piece of advice you were given? 
  15. What worked best for you? (talking, therapy, drugs, a life change, CBT etc)
  16. What you would say to anyone who is suffering similar things, or to yourself in that state? 
  17. What’s the biggest change in mental health you would like to see?
  18. If you could say anything to your mental health issue, what would it be (as rude as they like!