Zoe, 35

I'm not really sure what your average anxiety sufferer looks like. But for me and to the outside world I have a pretty perfect life.

I've recently got married, I'm pregnant with my first baby, I have always held down a good job and have just landed my dream role as an Executive Assistant. I have very close family and a big circle of extremely close friends. I post happy pictures on Instagram and I write funny statuses on my Facebook page.  I don't (from the outside) take life too seriously.  I have a great social life and I go on holiday as often as work and money allow.  
So yeah - from the outside looking in, life is pretty rosy!
And don't get me wrong... life IS rosy, and I love my life.

 But... there is something that haunts me every day. I don't suppose anyone in their wildest dreams would imagine the daily struggle I go through each and every day. I could be at dinner, seemingly chatting away happily, while in my head the anxious thoughts are taking over and making me feel irrational, I'll find it hard to swallow, my heart will start palpitating, I'll start to sweat, feel sick and feel like I'm about to faint and then panic to the point of wanting to run out the restaurant as I feel overwhelming impending doom.

I continue to hide this from the people I'm with, and they are never any the wiser.
To the outside world I portray someone who is in control but unfortunately not being in control of a situation is what sends my anxiety sky high. 

Some days, I wish I could stay in bed and sleep all day so that I could forget, just for one day, that I live with and battle with a mental illness on a daily basis. 


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