Wilberforce Society, policy paper presentation

Headcase was very happy to be invited to contribute to a panel discussion for a Policy Paper Presentation about Mental Health, for the Wilberforce Society - a student think-tank that aims to pioneer a new and simple approach to student politics.
It publishes policy research by its student members, often in consultation with, or commissioned by, think-tanks, academics, Lords and MPs.

Also on the panel were Keir Murison from Student Minds, and Sophie Buck, welfare and Rights Officer at CUSU.
We discussed the main issues facing student mental health today, including waiting times for counselling and treatment, social pressures, what services should be available to students and how this could vary across year-groups according to the pressures they are under, and how tutors and academics could be better informed about mental health and how to talk to students about it, and support them.

Liz Fraser