EXCLUSIVE for Headcase

Fifty Shades of Blue


There’s more than one way to be blue.


For blue may differ in hue,

lightness or chroma,

so to say I feel blue

is a miscoloured misnomer.


Please take a moment

to consider which blueness

may give the best trueness                          

of your inner you-ness.


Are you the tranquil blue

of pantone two ninety-two?

Or do you shift like the Sky,

or have the bounce and cry

of a brand new Baby blue?


Maybe another blue prevails.


A more intellectual sort,

like Oxford or Yale,

or some shade of Cerulean

(eg Pale OR Bright AND Frosted)

to use a logic that’s Boolean.


Perhaps you are one of those blues

who are Royal

but should you be less loyal,

a modern-day monarcho-sceptic,

like Dylan, you might go Electric.


And don’t forget, Prussian, of course,

Spanish, Egyptian, Persian …

that’s a lot of nationalities

in which to be a blue person.


Or are you best expressed

as a delicate duck-egg

unlawfully plucked from its nest?

Or an endangered cornflower

swaying in the breeze?


Perhaps you are not any of these.

Or you may be unsure.

You may be azure.

You may just want to sit and contemplate your Navy.


But don’t keep your blue to yourself;

croon out a blue-mooned serenade.

Because we all have the blues within us

and we’re searching for our own shade.


Brian Bilston

depression, anxietyLiz Fraser