Take action, however hard it may be

What an absolutely wonderful idea for a website.
If only something like this had existed whilst I was having my traumatic episodes.
My depression has always been there. I was bullied at school, I drank to excess, I ate large amounts, I travelled inexorably, and I watched porn – all the time!
My grandiose ideas about how my life should be were mirrored by periods of such low self worth and such terrible issues of self esteem that I ended up feeling utterly hopeless.
This drove me to make attempts on my own life.
Mental illness can and does destroy lives.
The very fact I am able to write these words now, is no mean feat.
Life does have highs and lows, ups and downs; of course, that’s life.
But you know, time passes.
Good times come, they go, they pass us by.
But the same with bad times; they also pass us by.
One thing this journey has taught me thus far is that one must take action. However hard it may be.
Feelings follow actions, not the other way around.
depression, suicide, bipolarLiz Fraser