The power of vulnerability

"I have learnt that allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be a blessing, rather than the curse we can feel under when suffering in silence..."

Liz Fraser
Mind my Cancer

"The mental impact of living with cancer - how I feel, how I might not be able to have babies, how I'm pretty sure I'm single because of it - well . . . that's fucking shit."

Liz Fraser
The bullshit of control

"You can play people, convince them that you’re easy going and just hope they never see through the cracks. You panic when someone peers through that looking glass and sees the Real You, the one that isn’t coping and never has been."

Liz Fraser
Lost in translation

"Those who know me have all seen me attempt to filter and process my deep-rooted beliefs that I am too stupid/too ugly/too loud/too quiet/too annoying/too worthless, through the language of “I am too fat.”

Liz Fraser
Broken pastry

"So there I was; a hideously dressed, middle-aged man huffing and puffing along the pavement, trying to hide in a hoodie. Eating triangular chocolate.
It's still a mystery to me why Beyoncé doesn’t return my calls."
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depressionLiz Fraser
Relight the Millennial fire

"And there you are. Standing again, alone, in the middle of an empty, small, fenced trench, staring at one final sparkler.
But instead, you climb into bed and decide,
“No. I won’t feel like this anymore.”

Liz Fraser
What's in a label . . ?

“For some people, been diagnosed with a mental illness comes as a relief. Others wear their labels with discomfort. A large part of me doesn’t believe that I’m ill - this is just who I am. I don’t want my moods and experiences reduced to symptoms. They feel like essential and even defining parts of my personality.”