Headcase Hero of the Month; Hope

Hope Virgo anorexia headshot

Hope Virgo, 26
Writer, runner, mental health campaigner. 

"I know how anorexia makes you feelou think she is your friend, you think she can solve everything and make you feel amazing . . . but she will destroy you and everything around you, piece by piece.

For four years I managed to keep my anorexia hidden, keeping dark secrets from friends and family.
But then, on 17th November 2007, my world changed forever: I was admitted to a mental health hospital. My skin was yellowing, my heart was failing. I was barely recognizable.
Forced to leave my family and friends, the hospital became my home. Over the next year, at my lowest ebb, I faced the biggest challenge of my life - to find the courage to beat my anorexia.

Throughout my recovery I learnt the power of words. I shared how I felt by talking or writing, instead of expressing that I was not okay by missing meals. 

Recovery is very hard work, and many times I've felt like giving up. But trust me, it is so much better to see it through and to get well again. 

I am now happy, healthy, running well and working well. 

For those of your reading this who have an eating disorders, please know recovery is possible, and it's totally worth fighting for.

For those watching someone you know suffer with an eating disorder . . . please be patient and kind, and know that just because someone is eating and looks okay doesn't mean they are not struggling.

But they can get better, with your help, support and love."

Hope's powerful book about overcoming anorexia, Stand Tall, Little Girl, is available to buy here

Liz Fraser