Headcase Hero of the Month; Rhik

Photo by  Mike Sim

Photo by Mike Sim

Rhik Samadder, 36

Depression has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember.
I didn’t know I had it for most of that time - I thought it was normal to feel horribly overwhelmed, inadequate and terrified of dying every day, all of which led to a breakdown in my late twenties. 

When I was young, eating disorders and self-harm weren’t things many men admitted to. They were seen as feminine, like using fabric softener and being nice to your friends. Now I know that anyone can have anything* and the outside world wouldn’t necessarily have a clue. 

Acknowledging our struggles is the first step towards getting help with them, and realizing we are not alone.

*  Apart from pregnant. I can’t get pregnant.

Liz Fraser