Body image problems, addiction to exercise, eating disorders, starvation, taking drugs to lose weight, gym obsessions . . . all things which, for decades, have mostly been associate with 


But men are increasingly under huge pressure to look a certain way, and conform to various bankers body shapes and sizes, which, quite frankly, their bodies really struggle to be. 

Far from this being some kind of bra-waving oestrogen-fulled victory cry of, 

"Well, NOW you chaps know how we feel! Your turn now. Put that pie down and get to the gym!", which is somewhat unhelpful, it's actually a somewhat sad and worrying step to a position where now the other 50% of the human population has to feel bad about their bodies. 


'Spornosexuality', a term coined by British journalist Mark Simpson to describe the new obsession among many many men to 'look like either sportsmen or porn stars,' is all about sculpting, and being lean and toned not like the Incredible Hulk on steroids. 

While we at Headcase HQ do admit to appreciating and admiring the fruits of such sculpting and toning, we want to know just how is this new Spornosexualty really affecting men emotionally and psychologically . . . and how much of a concern it is to their mental health. 

This excellent piece in Aeon by Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore explains all. 

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