Washing it all away

We recently stumbled across this piece about the positive effects of swimming, where depression and mental health is concerned. 

Obviously, the positive effects of looking at a photo of a fit young man’s almost-naked bottom were not at all what drew us to it.

Aaanyway. Where were we?
Oh yes. Swimming.

Much has been written about the benefits to mental heath of exercise, and it’s something we'll be posting MUCH more about on Headcase in the coming months; but there really does seem to be something special about being in water, and its healing and well-being properties.

Often, people who say they feel withdrawn or just not quite well, and they've forced themselves to go for a swim, especially outdoors in cold water, and despite not wanting to go in AT ALL…..they report come out feeling a thousand times better than before they bravely took the plunge and screamed like a baby doing a bungee jump, just before hitting the water and being numbed by the shock.

Ahh, it’s all fun.

So here’s the piece. It’s a link to an article which links to an article which links to things…but the message is still a useful on, and it might JUST have convinced all of us at Headcase HQ to make a trip to the local pool this evening…