Filtering your mental health

Clues to our general state of being and our mental health can be found in lots of our everyday behaviour. 

Posture, eye contact, skin tone, general self care, and so on.

But here’s new one; can your favourite Instagram filter reveal anything about our mental health – in particular depression?

This piece in Grazia today suggests that it might.

Certainly, at Headcase HQ we’ve noticed that when we’re feeling low, our photos tend to be darker, more sombre and bleak.

When life is good, the filters are set to light, bright and colourful.
So maybe, just maybe, your Instagram filter CAN say something about how you’re feeling.

Does this ring true for you too?
Get in touch, and let us know!  

And here’s a thought…do you think that deliberately changing your filter could CHANGE your mood, for example make you feel happier if you chose brighter filters?!

It’s an experiment we might try in the office, on a gloomy day. And we'd love YOUR input!

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