Bloom, fade, fall . . . bloom again.

A stunning personal essay on the beautiful, painful light and dark of Bipolar disorder. 
"It isn’t what people think. Not some plunge from humanness to lowliness. Quite the opposite. This is humanness; the pith and bone of it."

Liz Fraser
The London launch!

Our launch event in London took place this month. 
Here's a summary of how it went - thank you to ALL of you who came!

Liz Fraser
The Tank of Tolerance

"As much as I don’t want to live, I need it to look like an accident so my wife gets the life insurance payout. I may be mental and suicidal but I’m still a practical kind of guy and I want to provide for my family."

Liz Fraser
The General Practice of appreciation

In Eating Disorders Awareness Week, there are some people we need to be just as aware of, as the patients themselves; the GPs who help them. So before we slag off the health services, we should remember . . . 

Liz Fraser

What's it like to ask a girl out when you have severe OCD??
Neil Hilborn is about to tell you . . .

Liz Fraser
Parenting OCD

"As a parent, it's the worst pain in the world to see your child suffering, when you have no control over it. Their anxiety makes you wonder about your own - did you do something wrong as a parent? Where did this come from?"

Liz Fraser
Editor's letter; BURNOUT

"I’ve sent emails I can’t remember sending. Had work calls I don’t remember having. Set up meetings with people I don't remember having heard of, or talked to."

Liz Fraser

"I’ve missed the fucking boat. It’s mid January and I’ve fucked it up.”
Know that feeling? Then let Lena Semaan shove a rocket up the backside of the January Blues, and help us crawl through until the delights of . . . February.