Hamish, 20.

How do you feel about male approaches to mental health?

Talking about things doesn’t necessarily make everything better, but talking about things does help, if that makes sense.  When people don’t talk about things, it’s the same thought that keeps going round in your head and things often seem like they’re getting worse.  Men should do it, but obviously, masculinity sometimes means “oh yeah, you’ve got to be a strong man”, but it’s not strong to be not strong enough to talk though, is it?  Strength isn’t being physically strong, it’s being strong enough to love yourself.

Do you think our approach to male mental health is changing?

There are definitely more campaigns.  The general consensus is starting to change but there’s no significant change just yet, apart from a gradually increasing social awareness.  

What would you say to men who don’t want to speak out about what’s going on in their headcase?

 If you tell someone something really important, they probably love you and want to help you.  

Liz Fraser