Garth, 23

What’s the hardest mental obstacle you’ve ever faced?
I had to have a knee operation and stopped playing rugby, cricket and hockey pretty much overnight.  It changed who I was and how I saw myself, as well as how much exercise I did.  

How did you overcome it?
I found something I could get into: surfing.  I got really into cold-water surfing and adopted the mantra, “don’t sulk, bulk!"  

Was there anyone you spoke to who helped you?
Definitely, a squad of "international legends" at a surf camp in France.  After my first season, I wasn’t really surfing as much due to my knee, but they changed that.  I also met a personal trainer there, lost weight through that and after that I was like “yes, surfing, I can do this now”.  

What advice would you give to someone in the same situation?
It’s very easy to get stuck in “this is now and forever”, but there’s so much more you can find and get into.  You can really motivate yourself in other things, and it will get better.  That and don’t sulk, bulk. 

Liz Fraser